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  • What materials are used in the glass art?
    We use a combination of glass, precious metals, and gemstones. Each piece is individually crafted and totally unique.
  • How long does it take to make a piece?
    Approximately 2 weeks. This includes assembly, annealing time and grinding. Larger pieces with complex faceting take longer, and the interior parts are crafted at the beginning of the season in a separate process.
  • Is your work considered blown glass?
    Our art glass pieces are sculpted rather than blown, using a dipping and layering process as molten hot glass is taken from the furnace’s crucible. We utilize a lot of the same techniques found in glassblowing, but use a punty [a solid rod] rather than a hollow blow pipe to build our work.
  • What temperature is the molten glass?
    We work with glass that has been heated to 2100 degrees F. At this temperature, the glass has a consistency much like honey.
  • Do the pieces fade if exposed to bright sunlight?
    No. But remember that glass placed in direct sunlight can act as a lens which may lead to burn marks on paper or material which the magnified light shines on.
  • How do I keep my piece looking beautiful?
    Use a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water, and wipe down the glass with a soft cotton cloth. Note: glass cleaners are not recommended. They leave a film on the glass. The glass we use is a soda/lime glass, called “soft” glass. Our art glass is not as fragile as some blown glass pieces, but it is not recommended that the pieces are banged together, as they may chip.
  • Do you do custom work?
    Since we work in the fall/winter in the hot shop, and do shows in the spring/summer, it is hard to do custom work in a timely fashion. We do not take orders for cremains pieces, and cannot encase organic materials in hot glass. Success in creating the work depends on the inside and outside of the piece cooling at the same temperatures. Other than working with glass [with a specific cooling temperature], precious metals, and limited gemstones, we don’t add foreign materials to our pieces.
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