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About Neptune Hot Glass

Neptune Hot Glass, established in 1999, features two dedicated artists who create solid glass sculptures with primarily oceanic themes. Collette Fortin and Berry Davis use many types of glass, gemstones and precious metals in the design of their creations that are then encased in clear glass. The various materials including handmade orbs, murinis, glass spikes, glass threads, 24k gold, silver and assorted glass powders result in stunning pieces that really come to life when displayed in direct light. Devoted to the preservation of the oceans and oceanic life, Collette and Berry hope that their work reminds people of the vanishing beauty beneath the waves.

About the Artists

Berry Davis

Berry has always had a certain reverence for Mother Nature and her creations. After living for ten years in the Caribbean, those feelings focused on the beauty of the reef. At the age of 40, he became a student of glass blowing and immediately focused on the re-creation of corals and sea creatures that he had observed while diving. After a 4-year apprenticeship in Oregon under Chris Hawthorne, Sunshine Kesey and others as his mentors, he and his late brother, Scott, created Neptune Hot Glass. In 2005, Berry’s wife, Collette, joined the company and brought her jeweler’s skills to the work. Today, they have mastered the technique of incorporating gold, platinum, silver, titanium, meteorite fragments, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and rock crystal into their Coral Heads, Lagoons, and Treasure Windows.

Berry working.jpg
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Collette Fortin

Collette joined Berry and Scott’s business in 2005, adding glass making to her existing medium of jewelry making. Both Berry and his late brother, Scott, taught her the process of making paperweights and glass sculptures. Collette has her BFA from the fashion Institute of Technology in New York, in both metals and fashion design. She worked in New York’s garment center for thirteen years as a fashion designer. In addition to being a full-time glass artist, she continues to create her one-of–a–kind jewelry offered for sale by her company, Ceiba Tree Jewelry.

Click on the videos below to see Collette and Berry creating their beautiful artwork.

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